XRP vs. Cosmos

In this article we'll compare XRP and Cosmos. This is an indepth review that considers many metrics.


Created byJed McCaleb, Arthur Britto and David SchwartzEthan Buchman and Jae Kwon
Native tokenXRPATOM
Consensus algorithmRPCAPoS
Hashing algorithmRPCASHA-256
Supports EVMNoNo
Block time (secs)101
Supports smart contractsNoYes
Average transaction fee$0.0002$0.01
Staking rewards (APR)3.03%25.4%

Table of Contents

  1. Is XRP faster than Cosmos?
  2. Is XRP cheaper than Cosmos?


Is XRP faster than Cosmos?

No, XRP processes 1500 transactions per second and Cosmos processes 10000.

Is XRP cheaper than Cosmos?

No, XRP has an average transaction fee of $0.0002, whereas Cosmos costs $0.01.